Friday 21 October 2016

Is being 22 and living at home such a big deal?

I moved back home in July from university and it was something which I had been looking forward to for a good while. Once I was back home I was super happy to be back with my parents and sister, and being in so close vicinity to all of my friends once again. I felt as though I was home.

Since starting my job recently I have been asked time and time again my living circumstances, and every time I tell people I am living back home people seem shocked. I don't really understand how people think I should or would be able to afford to live on my own at the moment. Like I say I finished uni at the end of July, and I only started my job three weeks ago. There is no way on this earth I would of been able to afford to save for any kind of a deposit or even for one month's rent whilst studying, it was simply just unachievable for me. I want to be able to move out and live on my own home after saving for a deposit, I am not keen on renting as I think it is then so hard to be saving for a house deposit as well. Every person who is trying to buy a house for the first time knows the current struggles. I am only 22, is there really such a stigma attached to living with your parents?. This may sound selfish but I want some time to spend money on myself after finally having a good sum of money in my pocket for the first time in my life, the last thing I want to do right now is move out.

I am not living rent free at home I am paying my parents a small sum of money a month to contribute to the living costs of me being there, which is more than fair. I have discussed with my parents that I will start saving for a deposit but they keep telling me there is no rush. Every first time buyer knows just how hard it is these days to gather the sum of money which is now required for a house. I know in myself this is going to take a few years. I think some older generations do not always understand the immense struggles in buying a house in the current market, it is definitely not easy. For me personally I always think who knows what will happen in the next few years, I am currently just living in the moment. It is no secret that I hate the idea of living on my own. I love the company of others and I think I would currently be very unhappy living on my own. I lived a lot of my last year of uni on my own, and it had a big affect on me as I felt lonely all the time and it was such an awful feeling. I am not ashamed of saying that as I have already lived that way I now know that I would hate living alone again. I don't like the idea of going home to an empty house, making my tea for one, and not having anyone to talk to. I know I would end up spending half of my time back at my parents anyway for company and someone to chat to. I never know in the future I may meet someone and fall madly in love then possibly my plans will then change, however I am still pretty fixed on buying not renting so that would be years down the line anyway.

I have gone on bit of a tangent but I just wanted to tell anyone else who has moved back home or is still living at home, not to be embarrassed. I think people's comments have made me more angry than anything, as I feel as though people look down on me for this. Everyone seems surprised and it makes me roll my eyes. So basically if you're still living at home this is not something to get caught up about, for me I couldn't be more delighted being back home, it has made me so much happier than I was at uni so I don't know why I would want to change it currently. Also, I think most importantly you have to always remember that everyone is different and you might not know someone else's reasonings for their living situations. I don't like to tell people who I have only just met my personal circumstances as it makes me feel uncomfortable, and sure other people feel exactly the same. So all in all I am more than happy to be back home, so please let's all just let everyone get on with their lives.


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