Wednesday 10 February 2016

Calvin Klein Bralette

I have been lusting after one of these Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette, for no joke at least a year. What was stopping me you may ask, the answer is simple - the price. It costs £28, which seems rather expensive for a bra but I decided that I needed it. Last week, I finally caved and signed up to ASOS premier, I have been toying with the idea for months, and I decided to finally take the plunge. All I can say is, having the free next day delivery which is tracked and gives you a one hour time period has changed my life. No more waiting 5 days for your parcel or trips to the post office when you miss it once it finally arrives. A combination of this, and 20% student discount, the order was finally place at 10pm and arrived on my doorstep at 2pm the next day. I had originally wanted the grey version, but I thought the white would be more practical as I could wear it underneath absolutely everything. I thought this would be perfect for lazy days, when you are sat at home or just popping out and can't be bothered to get properly dressed. But in fact, I am going to just wear this everyday as it gives support and I love it. I bought this is a size small as they advised that this would fit the bust size between 32-34 inches which would be my usual size, but I was worried it would not fit over my actual bust. Although, it turns that it does in fact rather perfectly. I am totally in love with this as it is just so god dam comfortable.

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