Sunday 8 January 2017

Blogging Goals for 2017

Looking back on my 2016 goals I think I have done pretty well in terms of sticking with them, and I mostly want to carry them on into this new year. My goals were to focus on photography, be more organised, use instagram more and become friends with my more people in the blogging community.

I have tried really hard with my photography this year and I think it has improved, I have tried to focus on how I arrange what I am photographing and also the editing of them. I really want to continue to improve this into this new year as photos can be seal the deal on whether someone clicks on a post or not. 

Being more organised is definitely something which I have improved over 2016. My blog is probably the only part of my life which is organised! I started to use my fave notebook as much as possible to lay out all of my posts throughout each month. This helps as I can tick off when I have done my photos and written posts and can map out what needs to be done when to keep me on track. I like to know on my days off what needs to be done surrounding all things on my blog even if it is just scheduling tweets. I need to take this organisation and apply it to all aspects of my life as organisation is definitely not my strong point. I could definitely still improve how I utilise my spare time, so I have made this a new blogging goal for this year. I can spend hours browsing social media and watching TV when I could be using that precious time to write posts and organise my blog. I don't like to know that I need to rush to get a post out to my scheduled days, I prefer to do it as and when I can and do things in advance as not only does it make life easier, it also makes everything much more enjoyable. 

Instagram is something with I have tried hard at times to use and gain followers but it has not been a main focus of mine. I have gone through phases where I have really focused on it and then it gets put on a back burner. I am definitely going to try and also plan my instagram as a lot of the time I am not sure what photos to actually take and what does well in terms of interaction and what does not. I am going to trial and error a few different ideas and see what type of interaction and response I get. I am going to set a target of 1000 followers by the end of 2017 - lets see how I do.

I finally made it to two blogging events in 2016, the first a Lush Easter event which I had a brilliant time at. The second being The Bloggers Blog Awards which I had a fantastic time at, I am definitely going to go again this year as I had a great time meeting some of my favourite bloggers and everyone was so lovely. I hope this year I get to meet some more of my favourite bloggers as there as so many babes who I want to be friends with.

My additional blogging goal this year includes mixing up my content. I really, really want to venture into fashion posts but I have no one to take my photos. I need to get my mum on board to take my photos for me! I also want to do some more lifestyle posts as I have really enjoyed writing them last year. I like to have a variety of content on my blog as it also makes it more exciting for me as it keeps everything fresh and allows me to be as creative as possible.

What are your 2017 blogging goals?

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