Friday 17 February 2017

Primark are nailing the trends

Last weekend I 'nipped' into the Primark in the Selfridges concession located at the Trafford Centre, and as always I did not come away empty handed. When the Primark was first put into Selfridges, there was a little controversy as it is obviously a lower end store with a different market to the high end brands which they sell. For me I love it, as it always has the creme de le creme pieces of the brand. It features all of their brand new stock which has just been brought out which they know are going to be bestsellers. It is a small concession which is slowly expanding as it is definitely doing well within the store as it is always so busy. It is set out nicely, not overcrowded and the staff are constantly tidy, unlike some Primark stores.

I was instantly stopped in my steps when I saw these nude Valentinos esque studded flats hanging on the display. To be honest I am surprised that they are allowed to bring these out as they are literally the exact same design. They have the same T-bar fastening, have pointed toes and have the same size and shaped studded detailed. However, these come with the added bonus of being £615 cheaper than the real version, as they are just £10. These also come in black and a brighter fuchsia pink. If you are interested they also come in the same styles and colours in the heeled version for £14.

The choker trend is huge at the moment and I am really into it. At the weekend I was shopping for a choker and was surprised at the prices in some other high street stores, some were £8-£10 which is a lot of money considering that some of them were very simple. Once again, Primark produces the goods and I picked up the big nude bow tie for £2, and the four variety pick for just £3. These types of fashion accessories for me personally are not worth investing a lot of money into, so I am super happy I managed to pick these up for such a great price. They had such a wide range of different chokers individually and in packs, it took me ages to decide what to pick.

All in all, Primark are definitely nailing the current trends in all shape and forms. This trip was a flying visit and I'll definitely be heading back to the store come payday to see what other gems I can find. If you are into the embroidery trend, they are all over that also! I would like to know if you enjoy reading this type of fashion haul, as I would love to do more. I definitely buy just as many clothing items as I do beauty!



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