Sunday 22 May 2016

Ivy Park Tee

Ivy Park is the latest launch from Queen Bey. I am a huge fan of Beyonce and I was both surprised and excited at the launch of her new sports and fitness range. I was intrigued into the reasonings as to why she wanted to launch the range and if she had had much input into the brand or if it was her name being attached the brand just for the promotion. She was recently on the cover of Elle magazine and she did a full interview with them which was dedicated to the range. She talks about how she was the one who came up with the initial ideas, as she saw a gap on the highstreet market. She also states how she was the one to approach the bosses of Topshop as she thought it would be a company who would represent the brand well. The line involves lots of different clothing pieces which are made from different fabrics which she says are breathable. I can see that a lot of time and effort has gone into the line as the clothing is aimed at a wide range people doing different exercise levels. There is also a variety of styles depending on your body shape and what you finds fits you best such as the leggings coming in low rise, medium rise and high rise. 

On the day of the release I wanted a few things from the range, but as I was ordering online and the website kept crashing I just picked up the Logo Crew Neck Tee in Pink to see whether I liked the products or not. However, I got an email a few days after saying it was now out of stock and it has been since. I then went into a store and picked up the Logo Crew Neck Tee in Light Grey as I thought it was a classic tee which I would be able to wear both in the gym and casually. I picked it up in the size XXS which is technically a size 6, meaning these are definitely bigger than Topshop's own sizes as I would always get an 8 in a tee. It is a light thin super soft jersey material, which comes in a relaxed shape. It is comfortable to wear and at £16 I think it is good value. I am wanting to pick up some more pieces from the line and the bralette and leggings are at the top of my wishlist. 

Have you picked anything up from the line?


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