Monday 18 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide News

Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I am going to put together a Christmas Gift Guide for all you beauty and fashion lovers. I am going to split it into categories which I think are going to be along the lines of - stocking fillers,  under £10, £10-25, £25 and over. I think I will do a series over 2 weeks and I will probably post the first one on the 1st December or whenever I have everything ready. I've got my notebook ready and when I see something I'm scribbling it down as there's so much choice for presents out there this year.

I am going to do mostly gifts for girls but I will sneak a few bits in for the boys so they don't get left out. I am going to shop and search around for a variety of presents which I think I will suit a variety of different people and different ages. I will do my best to try and find presents that you can use for everyone as I have already found a few bits which I am definitely going to be popping in the guide.

This is all very exciting and is definitely getting me in the Christmas spirit!


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