Sunday 24 November 2013

Hemp Hand Protector Cream

Recently I've some how managed to develop dry skin across my hands particularly over my knuckles and its actually got a bit red and rashy and can be quite sore throughout the day. I've never had any kind of dryness or rashes on my hand so I surprised when it appeared and gradually got a little worse. So I popped to the Body Shop to ask them what they would recommend.

The bottles a little squashed as I opened it straight away and applied it before I had time to take a photo of it. However, all in all I think that it was quite a bargain and was surprised at the price. I got this as a set with the nail file and it was £6 in a little Christmas set. The tube is 30ml but it looks like it will last me a while and I didn't want to buy anything bigger in case this was no good for me and therefore would of been a waste of money. 

A little definitely goes a long way in regards to this product, you all need a pea size blob to cover both hands. I do have a little proper with the lid thought, its really hard to get back on and doesn't just twist back on you have to sit there and fiddle with it until it gets exactly on the ridges which is a right pain. I bought this last weekend and it does seem to be helping with dehydration in my skin, but it seems to make my redness itch a little bit and it is 100% not clearing it up. I can't complain though as the products intensions is to rehydrate very dry skin.

Hopefully I will find out what is agitating my skin and they will be back to normal soon.


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