Saturday 23 November 2013

Saturday Post: Beauty Advent Calenders

Now when I was a child, an advent calender consisted of you going to the supermarket and choosing a calender of your choice with your favourite chocolate in it and it costing my mum about £3.

But it now seems, advent calenders come in many other ways to. As I read many blogs during my day I have come across many people investing in beauty advent calenders. So I decided to pop online and see what the the craze was about and how many are actually on the market. I choose the top five which I think are out there this year....

1. Boots Beauty -

This calender is £30 and comes with brands such as Soap & Glory, Nails Inc, Paco Rabanne, Juicy Couture, Rimmel, Mavala and Umberto Giannini. It features a mixture of miniature and full sized products. At first glance, it looks like an interesting calendar, I think its great because you get so many different brands included. It would be brilliant for someone who likes to try different things before buying.

2. Ciate Mini Nail Lacquer -

This calender is £42 which I think is expensive at first glance. However, when I think about it you get 24 miniature nail varnishes which means they work out at £2 each. The calender contains nineteen of there bestselling mini Paint Pots, four textured manicure toppers from Caviar to Sequin and a surprise full size paint pot. So all in all for a nail varnish lover it would be perfect.

3. Selfridges -

I think I'll start by saying the price tag - £84! It contains a selection of fragrances, make-up and skincare from some of the world's biggest beauty brands including LancĂ´me, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl's and Victor & Rolf. It has such a wide variety of iterms and if you add up everything that's in it some will say its a bargain! Everyone would love to receive one of these beautys. Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out online so I think you will only be able to get your hands on one if they have any left in the stores.

4. You Beauty -

This seems like excellent value for money all in all its £49.95 and the content of the calendar is worth over £240! It has products from Caudalie, ESPA, Dermalogica, Leighton Denny, Sisley and Stila . It seems to cater to those who love luxury skincare. I hadn't really heard about the website before I went on to look at the calender, but the calender is good value considering you get 24 minatures from all of the brands mentioned. This is different to the other beauty calenders on the market and the miniature skincare products would be great when travelling.

5. Benefit -

This baby is £50, it contains a bevy of Benefit bestsellers and three glitzy little look goods which are a charm necklace & bracelet and an adorable barrette. There are miniatures of all of Benefits well known products such as Hoola, the porefessional, badgal lash and coralista. Its great for someone who's new to makeup and also to someone who's a Benefit lover. It is an ideal way to test products that you have been wanting to try before buying them in full size.

All in all.... The Boots calendar is the cheapest and I think its a really lovely collection of brands and products. I think it caters to everyone and is a really lovely early Christmas to someone. The Ciate Manicure is great for those who are massive varnish fans. Although, for me I don't know if I would like to end up with 24 nail varnishes it seems a bit excessive to me. I think that the Selfridges calendar would be my firm favourite if I was choosing. It just contains so many different products from so many different brands and I would love to try a lot of the products included in this set. If only it was cheaper and I wasn't such a poor student. The You Beauty calendar like I said before is perfect for someone who loves skincare, and contains all high end brands and is a brilliant way to test different products which you usually might not have due to the price tag. The Benefit one is excellent for those who love to try products from the same brand and may have been Benefit lovers for years or might be new to Benefit.

So will you be splashing out this year and spoiling yourself or your nearest and dearest, or will you be sticking to your average chocolate advent calendar?



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