Tuesday 31 December 2013

Boots Sale

I mentioned in my what I picked up in the sales post that I went a little mental in Boots and was going to do a more in detail and depth post on what I got, so here it is. All the Christmas stock was half price which is such a good deal. Although I don't mind sale shopping, Boots was definitely the worse place out of all the shops I went in. It was absolute mayhem I have never been in a shop that has been so busy. People were literally buying things like the world was ending, people had baskets and baskets full. I thought Selfridges was going to be the busiest shop but hands down Boots won, I kind of gave up in the end and just got into the queue which was huge. If I had not had wanted my buys so much I would of definitely of given up, but I guess it was boxing day so I couldn't really complain. I just could not get over the masses of things that people were buying and the perfume was definitely the worst out of everything, you couldn't even fit down the aisles. My sister wanted a specific perfume, I just watched from a view as she attempted to get close to the shelves.

Anyway, here is what I picked up....

The first thing that caught my eye was this eye collection from Fearne Cotton's range. It includes 4 metallic eye crayons and a felt eyeliner pen. The colours included really intrigued me as they are colour that I do usually go for. The first colour is a purple which I will use to add a pop of colour to the eyelid. The second is a bronze which for me I will use on this on the outer corner of my eye and through the crease to add definition. The third is a real bright gold which I can use all over the eye just as an everyday colour. Then the final one is a pinky colour which I know will be perfect for the inner corner of the eye. Then to get an eyeliner felt tip as well to finish the look and make it as dramatic as you want. This set was £6 which is such good value. Its just dawned on me some of you overseas might not know who Fearne Cotton is well over here in the UK shes a famous celebrity who is known for having an excellent fashion and style. She is a Radio 1 DJ, a presenter and has a fashion line alongside this makeup line.

The next set comes from Fearne's collection as well. This is know as the mini collection and includes a wide range of products. I discovered from the description of the back of the products that everything has the same smell. The description states 'delicately fragranced with a powdery musk aroma, enhanced by creamy vanilla tones and a heart of soft mugnet. Sounds pretty good to me! The set includes a body butter, body polish, body wash, spritzer and a body polisher. This set was £5. I really love smaller sizes of products as they are great for travelling and don't take up to much space on your bathroom shelf.

I have been having problems with really dry hands at the moment and I have looking for another hand cream to help them to rehydrate and become nice and smooth again. This set was just £4 and as you can see you get a hand wash, a 4 way buffer, a cuticle stick, a nail fail and most importantly a hand cream. I am excited to try this and see if it is any good or not, but I do have high hopes for it.

I love Soap and Glory and there wasn't many sets left by time I got there - it was only 10 o clock in the morning though. I picked the last one of these up in the shop. It was £8 and contains full sizes of the products. you get a shower and bath body wash called foam-call. A body loafer which you pretty yourself to help get rid of dead skin on the skins surface and clear the way for fresh skin. Then you get a butter yourself which is pretty self explanatory it is a body butter. I haven't tried any of these products in the best and I was excited to try them as there is a real hype around Soap and Glory and how the quality of there products. These will definitely be going into my shower routine come the new year.

Lastly came the Ted Baker set which contains similar products to the Fearne Cotton mini collection gift set. I love, love, love Ted Baker as a brand and I adore there products. This set includes a body souffle, a body spray, body wash and a body foam. I got the body spray last year and really loved it so I was excited to see it had been put in this years set. This set £5 in the sale which I think is great value, I love getting bits of everything that you can try before buying the bigger versions. I think its a great way to get to know your favourite things from different brands.

Boots is well known in the UK as they have the half price sale everyday starting on boxing day and I am glad that I went early and managed to pick up some really good bits.


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