Tuesday 24 December 2013

Sale shopping on Christmas Eve

 A very late night Christmas Eve post! With all the excitement of today and getting my new phone this morning I hadn't received any emails since first thing. I've had a lovely family day doing the traditional things that we always do on Christmas Eve which is go out for dinner and go to the cinema - we watched saving mr banks which was actually a brilliant film. Anyway, back to the point of the post when all my emails came through about an hour ago. I had about 20 emails and I'd say half of them were from retailers telling me there online sale was now on. I don't get why they start there sales so early, it's always been the tradition in the UK that sales start on Boxing Day, but now everything seems to be starting so much earlier. I did fall in to the trap however as I did have a quick nosy on Topshop. There sale started earlier today and I really wanted to get my hands on a few bits. Literally everything I wanted was already sold out or not in my size, and I just thought why am I getting stressed out on Christmas Eve over this. I therefore switched my computer off and started watching some youtubes channels just to relax. I just think it's a really shame that everyone's having to shop on Christmas Eve in order to get the real bargains it takes the fun off post Christmas shopping away so much. It's also true about the sales starting in stores early, I popped to my local town today just to exchange something that was faulty and sales were up already in some places it's just saddens me. I feel really old saying it but it's just takes the fun out of pre Christmas festivity, because if there's something you really want and you know it's going on sale, you now have to rush round before Christmas in order to get it. 

Well it's late now and my rant is over as I need to sleep as Santas on his way to me very soon.... I'm hoping!

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄😊


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