Friday 14 February 2014

Fashion Friday's - Heeled Chelsea Boots

I am a huge fan of chelsea boots I love the look, the comfort and the simplicity of them. Since starting uni I have seemed to struggle to find a pair of shoes which I could wear on nights out. I either have dressy heels or flat boots and dollies, as I am tiny in height I like to wear a nice pair of heels when I go out. But being at uni people seem to wear more relaxed looks and my dressy heels sometimes don't fit in and make me look way to overdressed compared to others.

Then I popped into New Look, now I have a love/hate relationship with New Look. I never really buy their clothes however, I really love their shoes and accessories. They always have such a huge range of shoes and styles and they are never over the top expensive. I had been looking for a while for some heeled chelsea boots and I had seen some in Topshop for some obscene price which was way out of my budget, I think they were like £70.                        

These boots are a brilliant height approximately 3 and a half inches. I wish I could love mega high heels but I just can't, they hurt my feet way to much and I just end up moaning to everyone that my feet are killing. I like a big chunky heels like on these boots as it causes less aching to the overall foot. I have worn them on three nights out now and they have been comfortable which is always a mega bonus and makes your night soooo much more enjoyable. These were £24.99 which I think is really great value for money. The boots are suede and I also have a love/hate relationship with suede. Compared to leather they get way more dirty, but I think suede gives an outfit a much simpler look. The greatest thing about the boots are there versatility, they can worn on a night out but also equally to a more casual outing. I wore them out to a meal with my friends with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute jumper. It gives a more overall edgy look but creates that easy, extra little effort to the outfit.

All in all a brilliant investment on my part, if I say so myself. I know I will wear these for years to come and as my feet haven't grown in about 5 years I don't think I have anything to worry about!

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