Monday 17 February 2014

Monday Morning Freshness

After the weekend I like to have a nice relaxing Sunday and have a pampering session to make myself feel refreshed and ready for the busy week ahead. My routine is very simple and not complicated in the slightest.

I start with cleansing with my favourite ever cleanser - Bioderma. I then wash my wash with my Garnier Pure Active Daily Energising Face Wash to get rid of anything that could be remaining on my face. To make sure I am completely makeup free I cleanse using my Garnier Simple Essentials Toner, meaning I now feel nice and refreshed. As it is a Sunday night, it calls for a bit of moisture to be put back into my skin and if you read my Quinoderm post, you will know about my recent issues with dryness on my skin. To help rehydrate my skin I have been using the Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask from the Body Shop, which I have been loving and it has been making my skin feel silky smooth when I wake up on a Monday morning. That is everything involved in my Sunday night routine - very quick, very simple however - very effective!

Also on this morning Monday alongside the Blog you are now able to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram which is very exciting! If you want to find out about new blog posts on Blogspot or find out what I've been up to in pictures on Instagram you now can!

Very simple so there is no excuses for not  being able to follow me on either now!

Finally - If you missed any of my posts last week here we are: Tanya Burr/Emma Hardie/Sick Day/Chelsea Boots/Quinoderm/Lipstick Storage


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