Saturday 22 February 2014

Monthly Payday Shopping Trips

I get paid next Friday and I already have a list of what I want to buy, I was wondering if anyone else does this. If I see something which I have been drooling over at the start of the month, and I am still obsessed with the idea of owning it by payday I simply have to have it. This month for some reason I have the biggest list known to man kind of things that I want. You can see the beauty bits in my updated wish list post. I am still wanting everything and more! So, I start to properly think about what I exactly need and what I am definitely going to get my use out of. This month I want a variety of widespread bits from lipsticks and eyeshadows, gym trainers and a bag, Beyonce's album and uni books.

In my gap year last year, every month me and my best friends would go to town and have a huge shopping trip buying everything we wanted and come back half of our wage down which we needed to live off for the entire month. Although, we would be so excited and so happy with all of our purchases from the day. Since starting uni I have had to start being a bit more careful with my money, and plan what I will need for throughout the month. But, I still get very excellent at the prospect of the looming of payday even though it is about a third of what I got when I was working full time. I think having to budget makes you more appreciative when you buy things knowing you have worked hard and saved for them. Although payday shopping trips are still as much fun now especially when your conveniently going to be at home in a big city where there some amazing shops the day you get paid.

However, buying that huge amount all in one go on payday means that for the rest of the month you are left waiting for the next month to arrive, so you can once again stock up. I am currently waiting on that money to hit my bank account next week so  the monthly shopping trip can take place. But this month I am setting myself and all the readers a challenge, which is to split up buying the items you want throughout the month. The plan is to split up buying everything I want so I will buy one thing I want one weekend, and then the next weekend I will buy something else. My theory is this will give me the prolonged pleasure of shopping more often. I love that feeling of coming home with tonnes of shopping bags, but I am going to test if splitting up the buying process helps prolong the pleasure. I think if I split up the shopping trip, I won't have the massive urge to buy something else half way through the month, I will still have something on my list left to buy, and I still have some money because I have budgeted for it. It sounds like a decent plan to me even if I say so myself, so I going to test run this and see how it goes!

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