Sunday 23 February 2014

Tortilla Pizza

After you all enjoying my pollo pesto pasta recipe, I have decided to share with you something I recently tried for the first time. I this recipe within the Hairy Bikers cook book and was very intrigued as I have never thought about making pizza in this way. As I am trying to be healthy, pizza has not really been on my shopping list later, although those Dominoes texts that I seem to be getting daily have been killing me to resist! When I read through how to make it, I was surprised at how simple, quick and easy this alternative recipe was. On Friday night I thought I would make the pizza and see how it turned out and if it was as good and as simple as it says.

The difference and healthier alternative to this recipe is using tortilla wraps instead of a pizza base. If your thinking tortillas what?!, that is the exact response which I had. But I thought about it and tortilla wraps are a lot thinner and a lot less stodgy compared to pizza bases so it is sure to be healthier. The great thing about this is like you can with normal pizzas you can just adapt to your favourite pizza, and put whatever toppings you like on top. I did not use any of the ingredients that were suggested in the cook book as they were far to exotic for me - olives, oregano and basil. The planned toppings for my pizza were ham, mushroom, onion and pesto.


1 Tortilla wrap
Italian Seasoning
Half a chopped onion
4 mushrooms - chopped
3 pieces of ham
Tomato puree
Grated cheese
Pesto (optional)

So here's how I got on and how you can make it:

1. Pre heat the grill to its hottest setting. I started by frying my onions and mushrooms through as they need a longer cooking time in comparison with the other ingredients. I added a little oil to the pan and popped the hob on the highest heat and cooked until golden.

2. Whilst you are waiting for the mushrooms and onions to fry off. Place the tortilla on your board and spread with tomato puree leaving a small gap approx. 2cm around the edging. (Mines a little messy!)
Sprinkle cheese all over the the puree (as much or as little as you like)

3.Rip your ham into shreds and put onto tortilla.

  4. Take mushrooms and onions off heat and add italian seasoning for extra flavouring.
 5. Pop all your toppings on top of the pizza and add a splash of pesto. At this point I would add a little more cheese on top!
6. The cookbook says to place the pizza under the grill and cook for approx 1 and a half minutes, but I popped it in the oven at 200 degrees for about 3 minutes. I kept an eye on the oven until the cheese had melted and the edges of the wrap were a little crispy.

7. Ta da! Ready it was a little messy for the first attempt but it tasted sooo good!

That's it pizza made in 3 minutes, bet you it could be made and ready to eat by the time you haven't even finished your phone call to Dominoes and trying to explain all the extras and alternatives that you want! Also it probably costs about a third of the price of a takeaway pizza and its just so quick and convenient to make. I will definitely be making this again and switching up my toppings to see what else works well. It honestly tasted so good and I loved having the thin base, as I hate deep pan pizzas and there stodgy bases. In the cookbook the pizza they made was 500 calorie, I think with all my toppings mine came to just under 700, which is still a lot healthier than a lot of the pizzas you pick up in supermarkets, takeaways and restaurants

Happy healthy pizza eating.


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