Sunday 2 March 2014

Getting Lost, Selfridge's and a Pizza Fail

Today I thought I would do a little round up of what I got up to this week, as I have had quite a jam packed week compared to most of the time.

On Monday, I travelled to Lancaster with some of the girls from uni as we had some specialised lectures at the Lancaster campus of our university. As we were there Monday and Tuesday, it was cheaper for us to stay over, and it was also a little adventure for us. We set off early Monday morning as we lectures at 10am, we have been once before so we were determined not to get lost. But, my friend's Google maps took us the wrong way again, and Lancaster is quite a rural area so we ended up exactly where it took us last time, which was literally the middle of knowhere. Anyway, we made it after it a few laughs and wrong turnings. We then had a full day of lectures, then headed to our travelodge for our overnight stay. I had one of those moments where I literally cried with laughter, I will try to explain. So on the way to the travelodge another one of the girls got a lift with us as she was staying in our room. There was four of us in a mini all with suitcases, I was in the back with my friend piled up with two suitcases on us as only one suitcase would fit in the boot! We knew where the travelodge was as we had already pre prepared and been to see where it was. We found a car park right in front of the hotel, but it was a short stay one, so we said to the girl in the front to go and ask the receptionist if there was a long stay one, so we could park for longer. She came out telling us there was another one round the back just to go out follow it round, and turn right. Lancaster is all a one way system, so it can be hard to get around if you are not familiar with the roads - like us. The first time we followed it round and took a right turn and ended up on a backstreet. So we went round again, this was li the city centre though so each time took about 15 minutes to get round. The second time we wanted to get to this road but we was on the wrong side, and my friend in the front shouts go right. Well it was a one way street, we were going up this street the wrong way, then we pass this huge police station and we end up in town centre going the wrong way. Me being the sensible one, just tells everyone to relax, to pull over and we can do a quick three point turn. So the third time we are determined to find it, there was only four streets it could have been on and we had been down two of them. The third time I am loosing the will to live and it is now 30 minutes since we went in and asked, and I was wondering where the hell this car park was. We once again took a wrong turn and literally ended up back where we started. From process of elimination there was only one road left, so we said it has to be that road that the car park is on. Me, thinking sensible once again says, why don't we just ring the other girls that are staying in the same hotel and ask them where they parked, and ask them for directions. We ring them up and she says we are parked right in front of the travelodge and we reply with saying that we cant find the long stay one, only the short stay one. She then says oh we are on the short stay one you can just pay for overnight on there! I have never laughed so loud in my life, the girl that is driving is in absolute hysterics, I am saying to the girl who went in for directions you said to go out said and turn right. She just replied with her saying that she didn't really understand what the receptionist was saying and she was just nodding along. Thinking about it the hotel was right outside - a bit of miscommunication right there. Nearly 55 minutes, we are finally checking in. I needed my bed at this point! So we decided it was now teatime after unpacking and finding the other girls. We decided as we are students we wanted to each somewhere cheap, and conveniently there was a Weatherspoons next door to the hotel. I was starving, I ordered a chicken burger and chips and then we all ordered pitchers of cocktails to share. We stayed in there for a while having a few drinks, and then decided to meet the other girls who said there were in Yates which was the other side of town. We dragged ourselves across town and the girls weren't there, we texted them and they had left to meet us in Weatherspoons. This just summed up our day, we walked back and just spent the rest of the night in the Weatherspoons.

Tuesday morning we all went to Weatherspoons for a traditional english breakfast. The lectures were okay, but all I could think about was going home to see my family as I hadn't seen them since Christmas. As soon as the day was done I went to the train station. I was being a bit risky and thought I could maybe catch an earlier train, when I got to the station the train I needed was running five minutes late. I sprinted through the station with my little suitcase, ran downstairs and I saw the doors close as I got on the platform. Just my luck! I took the opportunity to get a hot chocolate from Costa and buy some magazines for the journey home. I was so happy to see my mum when she met me at the train station, I felt a bit emotional. That night my mum made me her chicken dinner, and my god have I missed it, she makes such great food and I miss it so much when I am away. That night I went to my nana and grandad's to watch football, which was nice to see them. My mum had also bought me a few presents since being away, she got me two jackets and a pair of yoga pants from Victoria Secret's and a pair of Finding Nemo pyjamas form Topshop. She is the best.

Wednesday, I had plans to see two of my friends from high school for a catch up as I did not get to see them over Christmas. But as I had a bit of time before they finished uni, I thought I should embrace the fact of all the shops in front of me. So I took a trip to Selfridge's, you can see everything I bought in yesterday's post. I also nipped into Primark for a few bits as the one in Manchester is huge. I then met my friends and had a lovely catch up. My mum also made potato hash which if you don't know what it is, it has corned beef, carrots, potatoes, onions and gravy, it's a bit like a stew. It is so delicious!

On Thursday - I did absolutely nothing. I watched about 10 hours of TV. Mum made spaghetti bolognese for dinner which was rather yum.

Friday I had to unfortunately leave home to be back for work. My lovely sister kindly dropped me off at the station, my train was at 7.59 so we had to get up pretty early. The train was really busy and I had my little suitcase and handbag, there was also no room left on the luggage rack. As I am so small I can never reach the overhead racks, I would literally have to stand on the seat to be able to reach - which would be kind of embarassing on such a busy train. At least I had a seat reserved, but it meant I spent have the journey with my suitcase at my feet. I got back to the student village and went to sleep for an hour, because I was so tired. I then had to get up for work which I did, did my four hour shift, walked to uni collected some books and went to Asda as my fridge was empty. I was making my pizza in the oven when this happened...

Not my greatest moment I have to say, but I just scooped it all back on a carried cooking it. I was not wasting the pizza the lovely lady in Asda had made especially for me!

Saturday, I went to the gym before work as I haven't been in over a week. Then went to work again. Had my healthy chicken chow mein, watched TV all night because I am a very boring student and cannot be bothered to go out these days.

Today, I was planning on going to the gym, but I am instead doing my exercise by planning to take a trip to Boots and Topshop as there is a few bits which I have seen which I want. I then have work for five hours then I plan to come home, make tea and go to bed! I also have no uni tomorrow which will be lovely, but I have an essay that is due in soon which needs starting.

So there is my round up of my week. Previous to this week, my life consisted of placement, work and the gym and literally nothing else. So it has been nice to be able to get back to normal again, and have a few days off. I hope I haven't babbled on to much and you found my story from the start of the week as funny as I did!

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