Wednesday 16 April 2014

Stereo Rose

Stereo Rose first released in a few years a go in a MAC collection and it was a total favourite of many makeup lovers. I saw Lily Pebbles post a few months back when the new collection had been announced, and she had said that had purchased this and loved it. This blush comes from the current MAC exclusive line called Fantasy of Flowers which has been in stores since March. I actually purchased this as soon as the collection was released, but I wanted to properly put it to the test before I reviewed it for you.

With blushes once I find a favourite I stick with it and use it constantly; blushes take up a very small part in my makeup collection as I usually do not get that excited about them. I do adore the pop of colour on the cheek and always apply it when doing my makeup, but for me there is just so many other makeup pieces which intrigue me so so much more. This however has differently opened my eyes more as to the different colours and looks you can create and I have been more interested in expanding my blush collection.

So down the nitty gritty, Stereo Rose it is a beautiful coral based blush with has a golden shimmer throughout it. I loved the domed shaped of this as it is highly pigmented, you need the tiniest dab of colour for a lot of pay off on the cheeks. I can safely say I have never owned a blush with so much pigmentation, it will literally last me a last time. Even compared to my other MAC blushes where you give the pan a swirl with your brush, with this I literally just touch the end of my brush into it has enough for both cheeks.This is a Mineralise Skinfinish Natural, which is where my favourite powder which I am fully dedicated to comes from. It costs £22 which is a little more pricey than standard MAC blushes, but it is definitely worth it. The product is domed face and it has that baked look to it which provides a really natural but glowing pop to the cheeks. When I first set my eyes on Stereo Rose I thought it looked a lot bigger therefore naturally thinking it must contain more product than the standard MAC blushes. When I had a little scout across the Selfridges website I realised that this contained 10g. Interestingly the standard Powder Blush costing £18 contained 6g and the Mineralise Blush contained only 3.2g and they cost £20. I do not usually look at the grams per product but I think it is a bit crazy how they can differ so much. All in all though as this contains 10g it is differently worse spending that little bit more, as it will last you so much longer. This is a perfect shade from the transition into spring and I know that it has been making a daily appearance on my cheeks.


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