Thursday 17 July 2014

A Day at Wireless Festival

A week last Saturday, me and my sister headed to Wireless Festival in Birmingham for the day. We booked this last year and it was my first plan of summer which I was really excited about post finishing university for the summer. It was a pretty early start as we were getting the coach from Manchester to Birmingham which was a 2 and a half hour journey. We got there nice and early and headed for the coach, I don't think we quite realised how tired we were as we got on the coach the driver checked our ticket and we sat down. Just as we were setting off, we heard a girl behind us stating how she had never been to Hyde Park. We instantly realised we was on the wrong coach, and the driver said he didn't realise the festival was on in Birmingham and London. So finally on the correct coach we was on our way. We arrived at a pretty stressfree journey, excited for the day ahead. There was so many acts we wanted to say, we got organised and arranged our itinerary for the day.

We had an absolutely fabulous time watching Neon Jungle and Clean Bandit, John Newman is also exceptional live. We found J-Cole likes to use a lot of explicates and this was when we headed for dinner. There was so much food choice but we went for classic festival food in burger and chips which was rather lovely. The prices of festival food always breaks my heart, my burger and chips was £7 and my cider was £6.  A little extra addition was there was a local radio station there which was letting you have free transfer tattoos and they also had a photo booth. The headliner was Bruno Mars, but I was so excited to see Ellie Goulding she is so stunning and her voice is outstanding I had never been lucky enough to see her before and she was soooo good. She made the entire day for me being able to sing along to song after song was brilliant. The weather lucky held out which I was so happy about as my sister seriously does not cope with rain and being wet! Outkast was on next and I did not realise how much they rap which does not really interest me, but they obviously did there most well known and the entire field was going crazy at 'Hey Ya'. We then headed for tea where we opted for pizza and garlic bread. We caught the end of Robin Thicke just before he finished up with 'Blurred Lines', which created such a great atmosphere in the tent. Bruno Mars came on and I have tohe was just as good as we had expected, he has had so many songs and most of them are so uplifting and was able to have a good dance along to them. He finished off the day perfectly!
On the way home we got stuck in stand still traffic as there had been an accident on the motorway and there was also road works - chaos! It took over 4 hours and I was shattered when we arrived back in Manchester at 2.30am. There was some very lively drunken girls on the back of the coach which sang Bruno Mars songs on repeat for an hour in the standstill traffic, which is just what you want after a very long day - utter nightmare.

All in all I have an exceptionally fantastic day, I adore festivals with all the acts and the atmosphere we are planning on doing the same next year which is super exciting!


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