Sunday 9 November 2014

Primark Candles

In my recent Primark Purchases post I featured these candles as autumn essentials. They are just £2 and they have some really lovely scents in the collection. I had not tried this scent before which is Red Berries and Orchid but it smells lovely and is perfect for these colder months. I have previously purchased a different candle from the same collection in the scent Rose and Orchid, it is currently standing on my mantle piece but there is barely anything left in it. They have 30 hours of burning in them, which I would say is very good value considering the price. I understand that obviously the scents are not going to as exotic as more high end brands such as Jo Malone, but I think that they look pretty and the packaging doesn't actually look too cheap.

What is your favourite candle at the moment?


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