Thursday 19 February 2015

Top 5 MAC Nudes

MAC are known for their phenomenal range of lipsticks, and they are the brand which I always head to as you know that there will be always be that perfect colour which you have been lusting after on the display. From left to right I feel give you a run down on why these are my favourite five and I hope I give you some lipstick inspiration!

Velvet Teddy featured in my New York Haul as after Kylie Jenner stated that this is what gives her huge lips it is now very hard to track down in the UK. Thankfully my sister managed to get it for me from Macy's. It is a matte nude which can be worn as an everyday, I have found that matte does not suit me as much as something with a sheen running through it. Although, I think that is just preference and it does look lovely on the lips. If you do not want such a strong nude you can pat it out to make it more suitable to your liking, it is also has excellent lasting power on the lips. If I was to imagine a 'nude' lipstick it would be this, it has a slight bronze tone but all round the description of it in one word is nude.

Brave has a satin finish which means it in between the matte and the lustre finish. On those days when I am not feeling Syrup this is always my opposing pick as it is just a little darker and adds a most bolder lip to a simple look. This is also a long this Kylie Jenner vibes and it creates a stronger look and I prefer the texture of this to Velvet Teddy.

Now after I had taken the pictures for this blog post I discovered that the name of this lipstick had rubbed off to my delight. I have searched the internet for hours trying to find what the name of it is but I just do not know what it is, and my memory seems to have been swiped. All I know is that it is an amplified finish but on the MAC website under the amplified finishes section none of them matched this one. Which means that I have concluded that it must have discontinued unless, someone clever reader has this and can put my mind at rest - pretty please!! There is barely any of this left so I am going to have to go to MAC and solve the problem if possible because it is such a lovely colour. It has pink tones running it and is the darkest of them all.

Syrup has purple and pink tones running throughout, and is my favourite on the whole bunch, it is my go to in the morning when I haven't got time to think about what colour I want to wear that day. You can tell its my most worn as out of them all it has the least amount left. It is a lustre effect meaning it is soft and creamy on the lips.When someone asks me to suggest a new lipstick surrounding a nude/purple toned I would always suggest this without a doubt. I do not think anyone would not like this, which is a strong statement, but I am yet to find someone who disagrees.

Patisserie the lightest of the bunch and a Lily Pebbles recommendation. It is lighter than I thought it would be but it really lovely for a pretty girly everyday look. Another lustre finish which is my favourite as it leaves a sheen gloss across the lips. This has lighter pink tones running through it making it perfect if you don't like anything too noticeable or overpowering. Worn with a gloss it can create a great combination, I usually go with Charlotte Tilsbury in Sweet Stiletto.

Have you got any other shades which you think would fit into my collection perfectly? if so please leave your suggestions below.



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