Sunday 5 April 2015

Gilette Venus Snap

The Gilette Venus Snap Razor has been featured in a few of my favourite YouTubers videos recently who have picked it up whilst visiting America, they were realised over there a few months back. But now they have been launched in Boots and when I saw it on the promotional stand, I quickly snapped two up as they were on an introductory offer of £4.99. I bought one for myself and one for my sister as we are both off on our holidays this week. I think they are such a great invention as they are such a handy size, and will take up barely any room in your suitcase. Also I think that if you take a brand new razor usually there is always so much packaging which comes with it, so I take it all off. I then have the worry of it snagging my clothes so I usually pop it in my toiletries bag but then I still worry about about it ripping something along the way! The ultimate gold star to this product for me is that it comes in a very handy hard case, maybe I am just a bit over percautious but this means everything in my suitcase and the product is safe so puts all my worries at bay. It it not too bulky and can fit into your toiletries bag or just into your suitcase with ease.

Aside from using it on holiday you can pop it in your gym bag or anywhere else that you think you might need it on the go. Another great bonus is that the mini handle is interchangeable with the blade refills which is great meaning that each time you do not have to rebuy the entire product. There is a protective ribbon of moisture around the 5 blade meaning it is really simple to use and makes the skin soft at the same time which is just a little extra which makes this product just about perfect.


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