Friday 3 July 2015

My Marble Background

I have been wanting to get a marble effect background for my blog posts for a while now. I have seen many bloggers doing it in many different ways. I stumbled across a post by Jasmine Talks Beauty about how she picked up a marble effect background from Wilkinson's, once I read the post I thought it was a genius idea. I had been meaning to go and back myself some up for weeks, and finally last week I popped into my local Wilkinson's and there was a huge display of lots of different types.

I decided that I wanted the most simple effect which was the light grey, but there was lots of intriguing colours which had red and green running through them, which I think would look great for photos. The backing of the paper is self adhesive which makes it super simple to attach. The self adhesive papers are just £4 which is such great value, especially if you a blogging on a budget, just like me! You get a big roll as well which I have saved, if you are wanting to photograph something which is much bigger than the square in which you have created, you can just roll your excess paper out and put something heavy at each side to hold it down and it works just as well. As I often travel between home and university, I wanted the base to be light rather than glass or something heavy. I was browsing round and found a kitchen cake board for just £3 which I was so pleased with as it is really light and the perfect size. I actually really liked the silver top of the cake board, so I stuck the marble adhesive to the base of the board. Therefore I now have two new blogging backgrounds, the most inventive I think I have ever been! It is really easy to do, as the back of the self adhesive has grids on it so you can cut it to size and simply stick it on.

Whilst I was there I also picked up some artificial flowers which I wasn't sure if I was going to love or hate, but I actually think that they look pretty good positioned in the right place. There are lots of different types of flowers I picked up the flower bush assorted  which was a great size and great value for just £2.50.

I will definitely be heading to Wilkinson's again in the future for blogging props as they are such great value, as I managed to get all of this for under £10.



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