Wednesday 29 July 2015

What I Took to the Pool/Beach

I am currently suffering from a major bout of holiday blues, whilst writing this post. Last week I had a lovely week's holiday in Lanzarote which you can find out all about here. Whilst on my holidays I took a visit to the beach at Peurto Del Carmen, I have to say I pretty much despise the beach I just cannot be doing with the sand getting everywhere and all over me it makes me feel so uncomfortable. But all the girls wanted to go so I faced me fears and went, it was a beautiful beach but I still didn't particular love the experience.

This post is dedicated to everything which I took with me to the beach in my bag.
I loved reading Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond, it was a great holiday read, with a lively and loving story line, I highly recommend it if you wanted a light but joyous read.
I have had my Havaianas flipflops for quite a few summers now, I bought them whilst in Italy as they were much cheaper. I love the clash of colours and how vibrant they are, I don't think that flipflops all round are particularly comfy but these are the comfiest I've ever tried and are so convenient for the pool.
Elle magazine is something which I have been reading since I was 16, and I continue to read. I think it is the most fashion forward magazine out there, and I love drooling over all the high end fashion pages which I will never be able to afford.
The Garnier Ambre Solaire Protection Spray Factor 30 was my best friend on the holiday, I burn so easy as I am so fair. I had to wear this all week as my skin just could not cope with anything less. I like the spray bottles as it makes application much easier and the formula was not too greasy or oily.
I bought this Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Face Sun Cream Factor 30 as usually oil based creams make me break out really bad, and hate that heavy feeling on your skin like you have an extra layer on top of your skin. I would definitely recommend this it was lighter and thin to apply to the skin, and it didn't have too much of a negative effect on my skin which was an added bonus.
My trusty iPod touch much be at least 5 years old but it's still going strong. It's so convenient for your holidays and can download games on it to keep you entertained.
My new DKNY purse featured in my Birthday Presents post which you can read here. My first outing using it was on holiday and I really like it, it is sturdy and the card compartments inside is so much easier for keeping everything together.

What are your beach/pool essentials?


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