Wednesday 23 September 2015

Getting Organised & Blogging Updates

As the new school year starts it is always an opportunity to give yourself a little refresh, and implement any changes which you have been meaning to do forever. Therefore having had a good amount of time off university and a well deserved break, this has allowed me to get myself into a new blogging regime which I have been really enjoying. When I have too much uni work, and I feel deeply under pressure to fit everything in around - placement, essays, working and blogging, I always make sure that I post at least every Sunday no matter what is happening. But my usual previous schedule was Wednesdays and Sundays, but with a little extra time over the summer break I have been adding in a Friday post as well. I have been really enjoying this additional post as it has allowed me to branch into more fashion and lifestyle posts, which I have been wanting to do for ages.

As I am entering my third year of university and my course is very intense at times (not exaggerating!), but I love it and I really want to achieve the best which I am possibly able to, by dedicating myself to it wholly. But on the other hand I really do love my blog, and it makes me happy and gives me a break from the bubble of university. So I decided that before I started back at uni in order to be able to get the balance between everything, that I needed to seriously get organised. I will confess that I am messy person, no doubt about that. However, I like to be organised. I have to know in day to day life my plans in advance so I can organise my time effectively. But I feel that I have never had a proper structure to how I blog, and I think it will make my life so much easier if I create some kind of organisation. So I invested in a snazzy new notebook to help my kick start things. I have been looking for one throughout summer, every paper and stationery shop which you can name, I have been in and have left empty handed. I popped into Scribbler to get a birthday card for a friend and this instantly caught me eye, and the price tag was also very desirable at £6.99. I did a whole blog post about the book here. I love having a book dedicated just to blogging where I can express my ideas. I am excited at the prospect of being organised, and feeling less pressure on myself to always having to blog last minute as I have had simply had no other time free.

My iPad has become so handy since I got it for my birthday! It makes it so much easier to keep up on all things surrounding my blog, and to edit posts rather than on my phone when I am on the go.  I am on the hunt for a good keyboard to attach to it, to make me even more efficient, so if you have any good suggestions on places to buy one I would be very grateful. I didn't think I was going to use my iPad for much to do with my blog, but it has been stuck to my hand.

I have also been joining in a few bloggers chats recently and I have really been enjoying the interaction. My favourite is #bbloggers on Wednesdays and Sundays. I love being able to chat to others who have similar interests to me, and  also getting the opportunity to talk about new products and must haves which I need to pick up. Unless I am on a shift which means that I will miss some of the chat by the time I get home, I am going to dedicate myself to joining in the weekly chats.

Have you any organisation tips for me ?



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