Sunday 20 December 2015

The 20 Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts of Buying Concert Tickets

I am writing this post just after having a 45 minute battle trying to buy Justin Bieber tickets. After printing off my order confirmation, I felt physically and mentally drained. This is a fun post about the all the typical thoughts and feelings which happen during the ticket buying process.

1. You log into your account early on the website you always managed to get tickets on, you're prepared and ready to go. You have your pc, laptop, tablet and phone at the ready. You can do this. 
2. You're all ready and prepared in your group text with your friends, to discuss who has the best tickets.
3. 9 am you get onto the page and get placed in a waiting room. I do not know where this idea has come from, but you just end up staring at your screen time and time again, as it tell you 'you will be placed in the room soon'.
4. 5 minutes later your still waiting to get into the room.
5. You log on to another website, and get placed in another queue, waiting the enter the room. You're thinking I need to keep my options open here.
6. You start to discuss on the chat how you've missed out. The we all hate the people who are selling them on ebay for 5x  the price debate starts, and you are all furious. But this does in fact drive me insane.
7. They announce another date you fly into a frenzy, and refresh every page possible. 
8. You feeling smug and are thinking to yourself, I've got this. Not everyone is going to know about an additional date. 
9. You put in the number of seats, SOLD OUT.
10. You're like what the hell how they have just gone on sale? Refresh. Sold Out. Refresh. Sold Out. 
11. Meanwhile, you refresh the other page on one of the many other devices which you have on the go, and BOOM you've entered the room on some site or another. 
12. You're too excited to actually do anything for a good 10 seconds, then you realise you're on a timer to get all your ticket preferences in on time.
13. Then reality strikes what if one of your friends has them too. You frantically type on your phone you are in the room, whilst watching the timer tick down on the ticket page.
14. Now to write in the security word, so you try your best to make no mistakes and do it as carefully as possible.
15. Just one moment please..... pops up on your screen. That 10 seconds, feels like 30 minutes.
16. It comes up and you have tickets. YOU HAVE TICKETS. 
17. Then you realise that you've never used this site before, and need to create an account and enter all your details. Once again, the timer is ticking and you are trying to make sure you don't mistype a number of your card details, and your hands are getting sweaty. 
18. You click that next button like a ninja, and so hard that you know it will make the difference.
19. You then wait... telling your friends where you're up to, and all that's between you and your tickets confirmation is the god dam timer.
20. The confirmation email is there in front of your eyes. You cannot quite believe. You let out a high pitch scream and do a little dance (or was that just me!) You have to tell anyone who will listen about your ordeal including the group message, your mum and every social media site possible. 

Has anyone else ever gone through these 20 steps? And everytime you tell yourself you will never do it again, but you do time and time again! 


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