Wednesday 13 January 2016

Deliciously Ella

So it's January, and this is the time where everyone decides that they are going to shape up and get fit! But, I am actually more determined than ever, to actually shake things up and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I having been wanting to pick up the cookbook Deliciously Ella by the blogger Ella Woodward for ages now, and I finally took the plunge last week and bought it. Now, I am very much a bigger lover of meat, and I know that there is no point me cutting it out because I enjoy eating it and I do not want to pressurise myself to restricting my diet to that extreme. But Ella's cookbook has really opened my eyes to the variation in which you can have following a vegan, plant-based diet. Other bloggers which I am huge fans of like Niomi Smart and Lily Melrose both follow a similar diet pattern to Ella. I decided myself to go gluten-free a few months ago, as I was sick of feeling so sluggish after eating my favourite carbs like rice and pasta. I have felt so much better in myself since I have done. I have always thought that a vegan / plant based type of diet would be so restrictive, but I have never really had my eyes opened to the types of foods which you can eat, which in fact is a huge variety. So here I am excited at the prospect of trying some of Ella's recipes and experimenting with new foods. She has so many amazing and adventurous recipes within her book including such a simple but tasty recipe for sweet potato wedges. I love how realistic she is and she says that this transition is gradual process for everyone, and to try and adapt this lifestyle slowing, as if you go in guns blazing you're setting yourself up to fail. Within the book she makes clear that she is not judging you and your choices, and if you still want to eat the occasional pizza when you go out with your friends - then do it. If you are more into having everything on your phone, she also had a really brilliant app which costs £2.99 and contains 200 recipes. This is so good for when you are on the go, and the app is really simple and well organised.

In the start of her book she has her staples which it what she suggests you stock up in your cupboard as they are the basis of all her recipes. I was worried that this was going to cost a lot of money and as a student I was unsure whether this lifestyle was going to be way out of my budget. I went online and did a bit of a scoop around the internet, and even though I had never heard of half of the ingredients they were in fact budget friendly. I have to say that there was a few items such as the coconut oil and acai berries which were expensive, but you do not need huge amounts of these ingredients and I think they would last you quite a while. I am going to start this next Monday, once I have shopping on Sunday and I am thinking that I might haul everything in which I pick up. Also, I am thinking of turning this into a bit of a series on my blog, to document how I am getting on. Would you like to see this type of a series?

Has anyone else got this book and completely fallen in love with it?



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