Sunday 24 April 2016

Kiko candy canes nail varnish

I recently stumbled into KIKO and my eyes were drawn to a new display of nail varnishes. I picked up one from the Candy Canes collection in the shade Fun Guarana. This is a pink polish but it contains small particles of glitter and freckles of other colours. Once applied it gives a 3D effect to the nail and I really love it. Excuse my short nails and application, but you can see in the picture the end results. The brush handle is easy to hold, and the brush is flat making the product apply smoothly and evenly. They have these in three other colours a white, blue and green, and I have my eyes on picking them up.

I applied the Limited Collection by Marks and Spencer undercoat (similar here) to my nails first. I then applied a first coating of the varnish and once dried, and went over with a second layer to make everything stand out more. The candy cane polishes are just £4.90, which is great value for such a unique product. I finally finished off by applying the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat which is a must have when I apply any nail varnish. It is a thick gel like consistency that is suppose to mimic shellac. It works really well and keeps nails from chipping, I had this on for 5 days and I took it off as I wanted to change to colour.



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