Sunday 19 June 2016

Charlotte's 3 Minute Bum Blitz

As part of my preparation for summer I decided to buy a new fitness DVD. I haven't really got the extra cash at the moment to join the gym and it's hard between in between home and uni. I bought this DVD as there had been huge hype surrounding it. There is no doubt Charlotte Crosby has lost weight and it looking amazing! I was a little sceptical over how good this was going to be.

The DVD is built around 12 body blitz sessions which are 3 minutes each long. They are split into cardio, bum blitzing and conditioning. I personally enjoy the cardio the most. The routines are simple to follow and you can do an easy or a hard option each time. I will always do the warm up before doing any of the blitz sessions which lasts about 10 minutes. This is a great way to stretch your body and prepare for the sessions ahead. I usually do between 4-5 sessions per workout. Sometimes if I am feeling very motivated I do 7-8. As they are 3 minutes each you don't get bored and you can skip to the sessions which you enjoy the most. The routines go from easy to hard so blitz 10-12 are the hardest available. I actually really enjoy doing this and I definitely build up a sweat. However, like I have said they are easy routines so you can concentrate on put your all into effort into each routine without having to think intensively  about what is coming next.

Everyone has there own opinions on celebrity endorsed fitness DVD, but I think this is actually great. I usually do it either first thing in the morning when I first get up before I have a shower and breakfast as it is my favourite time to work out. I use this on my laptop and do the workout in my room as you don't need tonnes of space. I have also done this at the end of the day if I wasn't able to do it in the morning, and haven't wanted to miss a workout. I kind of just do it if and when I can, I haven't got a strict routine as with my shifts they really wouldn't work. My aim is a minimum of 3 times, but my target is 5 times a week. Everyone goes through phases of being more motivated on some days than others. If you planned to work out on certain day but have no motivation try and push yourself to do it. I find that once you have, you will feel much more happy with yourself and you realise that it really wasn't that bad. 

What is your opinion on fitness DVDs? 


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