Sunday 31 July 2016

L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask

There is no doubt that these new L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks have been a must have since their recent release. They are currently on offer in Boots for just £5 until the start of August. I think you will be able to tell their popularity just by how many is left on the shelves which is probably very few, as all the boots which I have been into there has been very few available.

There are 3 different type of masks which are available - purity, detox and glow. The Boots which I went into only had the purity and glow masks, and it would just about happen that I wanted the detox! I already love detox masks especially The Sanctuary's 5 minute thermal detox mask. I find they give my skin a really deep cleanse into all the layers of my skin, and it leaves my face feeling refreshed and smooth. However, after reading about the purity mask, I thought that this may also work well for my skin as it a cleansing mask which mattifies oily skin. My skin over the years has gone much dried than it used to be. But I do still find that in my t zone especially my nose area it is still very oily. These masks have a really interesting marketing angle, as realistically everyone has certain areas of their skin which need a different kind of attention. Therefore L'Oreal are saying that you may need more than one mask at once in order to treat the targeted areas. I see the concept as being multi functional and using the different masks in different areas of the skin depending on the treatment needed. For example on me I would need the detoxing one on my chin as that is a congested acne area. I think the glow mask would work well on my cheeks and forehead in order to add some radiance and overall life back to those areas. Leaving the purity one to work its wonders on my oily areas which for me is mainly my nose.

When I first used this I applied the purity mask to my entire face like you would with any traditional face mask. The cream is light and easy to apply, I like the way the cream felt when on my skin as it was not overly sticky. It says to leave the mask on between 8-10 minutes. I definitely left it on for at least 10 minutes if not a little longer. One thing I did notice is the mask really hardens to a solid finish. Towards the end I was struggling to move my face at all and it was a little bit uncomfortable. Maybe I applied too much as like I said it is my first time using it so it is all about try and error to see how much you need. I have to say after washing it off my skin did feel very smooth and my areas of oiliness did seem more mattified. I really enjoyed using this face mask and I think I might have to pick up the other two and put the whole three masks at once theory to the test.

Have you tried this mask or either of the other two?



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