Sunday 14 August 2016


Two weeks ago I embarked on a week holiday with 4 of my best friends for a girls holiday in Tenerife. We have all been on previous holidays together, and have always had an amazing time. This year I felt I had so much going on in the run up to the holiday it was difficult for me to get excited. Once we we arrived and the sun was shining it finally set in that we was on holiday. I have only ever been to Tenerife with my family as a toddler so I don't have any memories. The island is really beautiful and the sun was always shining. 

I was really impressed with the variety of things to do within the resort of Las Americas which is where we stayed. There was a large strip which is where we headed most nights after tea as there was a variety of bars and clubs, which offered the usual deals where the drinks contain trebles and the shots are beyond tolerable. This is all part of the fun and games of a girls holiday! There was so much variety on the strip and some of the clubs were open until 6am. A 10 minute walk from our hotel towards the centre of the town there was a big row of shops, restaurants and bars. This is more where families stay as it away from the strip but not too far if you want to visit the beach. In the centre there was a big Hard Rock Cafe and shops like Mango and Bershka. This bit of the town was presented lovely and you can tell it is well looked after. The area was very bright and light even at night, it has some beautiful decor as the flooring was marble flooring and there was big foundations situated within the built up areas. 

On the last night after visiting the central part of the town we had a huge Chinese meal to celebrate having a lovely holiday which was delicious. We decided to skip going to the strip and went to this little part of town where there was lots of acts and entertainers on in a variety of bars. We saw a hypnotist and whether you believe in it or not it was mind blowing. He did an introductory task to see who was susceptible to being hypnotised, and he put me in a deep trance! I was too scared to volunteer to be part of the show as I didn't want to embarrass myself. 

It was quite strange as backing on to the strip was the coastline of the sea. Here there was an array of different restaurants and higher class bars with a totally different atmosphere to the strip just behind it. We really enjoyed eating with the view of the sea as it was stunning and relaxing. One thing which we were all really impressed with was the pricing of the food. For any pizza or pasta it was between €7-8, which is great value. I also had two chicken dishes which both came with rice or chips and vegetables and they were both under €9. I did not have a bad or average meal whilst on holiday as everything was great quality and you could tell they took pride in cooking their food. There was a lot of restaurants, therefore meaning there was a lot of competition. There was great variety of cuisines available such as English, Indian, Italian, Chinese and of course Spanish. 

We took a day trip to the Siam Waterpark which was located in Costa Adeje, which was the next resort to ours. We got on a bus which took 10 minutes and we had already bought our tickets before we went in order to avoid queues and chaos. The waterpark is the biggest in Europe, and some of the girls had been previously and said it was amazing. It cost €34 and we were there for 7 hours. This shows the vast amount of things that there was to do at the park. There was some huge waterslides, also a huge tidal pool, swimming pools and a lazy river going around the entire park. If you do visit Tenerife I think this is a must visit attraction for everyone. 

All in all I has an amazing holiday and it was so nice to properly catch up with all my friends as we are located all over the UK with uni and jobs. I would definitely visit this resort again, and I came home and said to my mum and dad they I think they would enjoy the central part of Las Americas as they would like the atmosphere of the town. 


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