Wednesday 9 November 2016

Updated Makeup Geek Collection | Swatches and Review

I have somehow managed to collate quite a large collection of makeup geek eyeshadows without really realising. I have been using all of these shadows for months, so I thought it was the perfect time to give you a rundown on the must haves and the misses. The normal eyeshadows and the duochrome shades all cost £6, and the foiled shadows cost £9.

Bitten is a household favourite, it is a dark purple toned shade and always reminds me of blackcurrants, this always get used in the autumn. I use this to blend when I am wanting a smokier berry toned eye as this works great blended together with some lighter berry toned shades.
Cocoa Bear is a matte dark chocolate shade, and was one which everyone told me I must have. If you like matte brown toned shades this is for you, I have to say this type of shade is always great to have in your collection.
Country Girl is one which I would use with Bitten, it is a lighter red toned berry shade and looks beautiful on its own or blended with other shades.
Cosmopolitan is definitely is my top 3 of most used shades out of them all. It is a champagne pink shade with shimmer running through it which looks lovely for everyday wear as a one wash shade. I like to pair this with a few layers of mascara on an everyday basis.
Envy is a shade which I have not got too much use out of yet. It is a dark green which I think will look lovely when blended with lighter green shades to make an emerald inspired look.
Frappe is a matte milk chocolate brown shade which I often use to blend with Cocoa Bear. It blends really well and is one which I reach for often.
Glamorous is another one in my top 3. It is the perfect mid toned golden shimmer on par with MAC's Amber Lights. It contains a great amount of shimmer which always looks lovely as a summer shade, but I like to wear this with some eyeliner and I don't often blend it with anything else.
Homecoming is another favourite of mine, and if you like golden shimmers you need this in your collection. It has slight resemblance to MAC's Satin Taupe which is one of my all time favourites. It is a darker toned golden with brown undertones adding some depth to the shade.
Peach Smoothie is another everyday essential. I was not sure how I would wear this when I originally bought it. It is a matte light peach, yellow toned shade, which is perfect to blend with a variety of shades.
Pillow Talk is a light lilac shade containing a lot of shimmer. If you add some setting spray to this it turns almost into a foiled shade as the glitter pigmentation really shines through. This is a lovely for a bright and light shade which I love to wear on a night out.
Prom Night has great pigmentation, this one always surprises me as it looks more of a grey toned shade in the pan. When I swatch it is always reminds me of red grapes as it has dark purple tones, with a golden shimmer running through it.
Rebel is a mid toned purple with golden shimmer running through it. I find this quite disappointing in pigmentation when swatching as it looks as it will be very dark and sultry, but it is very light and lacks definition. However, once again when I add a setting spray it really brings out the pigments. This looks lovely with the other lilac and purple toned shades.
Shimma Shimma is a beautiful cream shimmer shade which is perfect for highlighting the inner corners and under your eyebrow and any other areas which you wish to add some brightness to.
Tiki Hut can only be described as being a matte beige shade. I sometimes struggle to incorporate this into my looks, but it is great for the first wash of colour before adding some darker shades.

Blacklight is such a beautiful lilac shade, which has a white silver shimmer running through it, it gives a real iridescent look to the shade which glimmers beautifully under the light.
Mai Tai is similar to Cosmopolitan in colour, but has more paler pink shades within it. I really like this as when blended it really keeps it colour and you do not lose the pigmentation within the shade.
Secret Garden is a gorgeous blue and green toned shade, which reminds me of under the sea. I love it as when blended it looks like a navy shimmery shade which is a great alternative to using black.

Starry Eyed has a buttery consistency and is very soft and smooth when applying, they are also super pigmentation hence the increase in price. It feels more like a cream based product, it is a white champagne golden shade and it is great to add some brightness to any eye look. I definitely need to pick some more of these foiled shades up as there are so many beautiful ones within the collection.

If you have any more recommendations to add to my collection please leave in the comments.



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