Wednesday 14 December 2016

Secret Santa Ideas

This is my first year in a job where I am participating in secret santa. I was deliberating whether to get involved or not for a while, but I decided not to be the grinch and join in the festive fun. Our budget at work is £15, which I think is the perfect amount really. You can actually buy someone a decent present and it not be tat!

I had to do a little bit of investigating into what my person likes, by asking them some ambiguous questions and I found out that they really enjoying drinking coffee hence the mug. Therefore that is what I built my present around. In this post, I have included my secret santa present as well as other ideas. I think it is great to use a bit of imagination and not just choose a bog standard gift set which you might be unsure whether they will like or not. It is all a bit of fun, and finding someone the perfect present is exactly what it is all about.


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