Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Roundup for January

January has been a busy month for me - once again! However, I finally took the plunge from one of my New Year's resolutions and joined the gym. I had been meaning to do it since September when I moved back home. I decided to join DW fitness clubs as one of my friends already attends and it is always nice to have someone their for moral support. I am happy to say I have been really enjoying going to the gym I have been going on my days off during the week, however I am yet to motivate myself to go on my days off at the weekend. I have been doing a mixture of classes and taking myself to the gym and so far so good!

I feel like I have not particularly had a very exciting month. It has been very long and drawn out, I am actually happy to see Febuary arrive. One thing I am determined to do this year is make the most of my time off. I went for a weekend away in York with my best friends from uni, I had a great time and it was so nice to catch up. I think York is one of the prettiest places in the UK to visit and I always enjoy going back. I am heading to her house in February for her birthday, so I can't wait to see her again. It is so strange when you see someone everyday at uni and then you move 3 hours away from each other it's a huge shock to the system. 

I booked two holidays to help me get over the January blues. One being the main family bonanza of the year which is a two week holiday to Italy, and I cannot wait! We have been to Italy many times before and it is one of the most picturesque countries which you will ever visit. I also booked a less sunnier or exotic holiday to Nottingham! I am going with my closest university plans and I cannot wait. I haven't seen some of them September, we are all so  busy working different shifts but we have managed to get our diaries together and we have a weekend in May and I am already super excited! I love having things booked and things to look forward to. 

I am hoping to sat fully sorting my bedroom at home out during my annual leave next week. I have 10 day off in a row and I want to totally throw everything which I don't need or use (which is currently half of my bedroom content!) in the bin and declutter. I just have far too much stuff and I really do not need it all. Once all the clutter and crap has gone I need to tackle the pile of clothes which currently does not fit in my wardrobe. Then I am going to get a new dressing table and drawers and add some nice home decor. I am very excited, but I do not do well with living a streamline life I am a hoarder. Let's hope that next month I am reporting back that my room is now all beautiful. 

That's all for January! 


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