Sunday 21 May 2017

Kylie Cosmetics x KKW

(Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie)

I made a late night order in the first release of the Kylie Cosmetics x KKW. As always I got caught up in the hype, but I have definitely learnt with these launches to make sure they are going to be used. Her products belong between high street and high end and I think all round they are well priced. This collection is in collaboration with Kim Kardashian and is built around her favourite nude shades, which is what she is classically known for.

The set contains 4 shades which for me when I first saw swatches I did not think that they were classic Kim Kardashian nude shades. She has a darker much olive toned skintone than myself and she seems to go for darker nudes which are much more brown toned rather than pink, which is what this line seemed to edging towards.

The most nude shade of all is Kimberly which is definitely her kind of classic shade, which she made famous. I was unsure whether this would suit me as I am much fairer and paler in skintone. It took me a while to get used to this on me as I do not usually ever wear this kind of colour. It is definitely a great everyday shade and one which you can put in your handbag and will know will pretty much such whatever you are wearing and your look.

Kim is the shade which I think I will get the least use out of. It has a peach undertone to it which usually suits my colouring, however it's a little too peachy and washes me out a little bit. This would definitely look beautiful on darker skintones as it would stand out more. I also found that this was the stickiest of them all and clung a little bit to the inside of my lips.

Kiki is a light pinky shade which instantly I would call a rosy pink. This complements my colourings beautifully. I have been really loving wearing this with a simply golden sparkly eye and this is definitely the one I grab for a classic everyday shade. This is a classic spring/summer shade which many brands bring out.

Kimmie is my favourite of all in the set. When I first saw the swatches which Kylie put up I thought this was going to be really dark, too dark to suit me. I have to say I don't think this is a more of a classic Kim nude shade. This has a much darker pink with a hint of brown undertone which I love. It really compliments my colouring, and this is the only one which I think would suit everyone. I also think this a great my lips but better shade for myself. It's a little darker than what I would normally I go for, but it makes my lips look naturally more plump and full of life.

There is no doubting that this formula is comfortable on the lips, it is silky smooth and I like this feature a lot. There is no scent or taste to these which I am also a fan of. The pay off is quite sheer, but it offers a good amount of coverage. I would not use this as a mixture with another liquid lipstick as I think this is too much due to the pigmentation and these having a slightly sticky finish. You can build these up if you like, but I mainly just use one swipe. If I want a little more coverage I usually blot my lips slightly and they apply another layer, this prevents any gathering or the formula becoming too thick and uncomfortable.

I am used to wearing liquid lipsticks and Kylie herself have stated due to the creme texture the wear is different. I think I am so used to having a budge-proof liquid lipstick, with these they last until you eat or drink. I have worn these out and as soon as I have had a meal or drink there has been barely a trace of any product left on my lips. This is definitely a big down fall. These really remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipglosses as they are much thicker than a lipgloss and are highly pigmented, but do not have the standard staying power of a liquid lipstick.

For $45 you get the bundle of 4 different creme lipsticks. When you break this down $11.25 per product is pretty decent value. When converted into English pounds and paying the £15 royal mail fee it came to a overall total of £60, so £15 each. I think this a good set and I am glad I have it in my collection. However, due to the longevity issue I am not sure I will be in a rush to be purchasing any more shades if she releases further products in this line.



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