Sunday 25 June 2017

MAC's perfect duo

Since I re organised my room and bought my beauty desk, I have been loving having my makeup all in one place and accessible. During this moving process, I found my MAC blush in the shade stereo rose. In 2013, it was a must have product amongst many bloggers. It was a cult classic in many peoples eye, and they took it off sale as it was a limited edition product. A year or so later in 2014, they re-released it and that was when I finally got my hands on it. I was so happy when it came and I truly loved this blush, I used it everyday for months. It was also the first marble effect product I owned, way before Hourglass was on the scene. Anyway, somewhere, somehow, it got lost and I faced the fact it was long gone. I was so happy when we were reunited and it literally has not left my face for the last 6 weeks. It has perfect coral tones running through it with a hint of  golden shimmer adding glow to my my cheeks. It is heavenly. I can't put my finger on what makes this so unique, but I own nothing like this. It is far from your average blush. 

I have talked quite a lot about the MAC highlighter in beaming blush as it is simply beautiful. It is the perfect partner to go with the blush as this also has pinky undertones to it. The combination of my cheekbones is stunning, and my friends always complement me when I wear the highlighter as it adds so much light and glow to my entire face. I think sometimes I may look a little disco ball esque, when I get carried away. I do not blog about cheek products often as I have not come across many which are standout products which I feel people need to know about. I am sorry to say the blush is limited edition and is currently not available, but the highlighter is and I highly recommend picking it up. 



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