Sunday 22 July 2018

Summer Makeup Routine

With this unexpected heatwave which has swiped the UK my makeup routine has taken a turn. I did a whole blog post dedicated to Primark's new velvet foundation which I have been loving, it is a medium to full coverage foundation which is buildable but in this heat it is breathable and does not settle into the skin. I am also still loving Revolution's define and conceal concealer for £4, it is such a great full coverage concealer which does exactly what you want it to.

As you can probably see from the picture I still use this Mac blusher in the shade peachykeens on a daily basis and have been for months. It is such a lovely medium rose shade which is vibrant and I think this would suit most skin tones. My most recent addition to my collection is Becca's champagne pop highlighter. I have fallen in love with this and it has added so much shimmer and shine to my makeup look and it pulls everything together perfectly. I am unable to have my eyebrows dyed or waxed at the moment due to my skin being so fragile, therefore I have been trying to keep them tame myself. I have been using the Benefit's goof proof eyebrow pencil in a medium brown shade which matches my complexion really well. I love the waxy texture to the product which makes it easy to apply and to fill in little gaps, and the angle of the tip makes it easy to replicate brow hairs.

Overall, I have not being wearing much eye makeup at all as I find that mascara tends to make my eyes very itchy when the weather is hot as they become dry. The only thing I do ensure that I use is some sort of setting spray to help everything stay on my face and keep it looking as fresh as possible.



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