Wednesday 27 February 2019

Too Faced Hangover Primer

I have never been one to invest in primers or have much interest in them. I bought the Too Faced hangover primer a few months ago and I have really loved using it. Since my skin is still fragile and sensitive from my roaccutane treatment, I have been very cautious with the skincare I have put on my skin. This has been an excellent addition into my routine. I apply my trustworthy Kiehl's oil free moisturiser and then I apply this primer on top. It has a thin cream consistency which has a pleasant coconut and fruity scent to it which I find very refreshing and not too overbearing. It applies easily on to the skin and blends in beautifully giving my skin a light luminous glow.

It adds a level of hydration and helps to replenish moisture which exactly what my skin craves. It is naturally very dry, and it needs all the additional hydration that is possible. They claim this is down to probiotic based ingredients combined with coconut water. I think primers are properly put to their test with how they perform with base products. I have used primers in the past which have not settled well with my foundations, but this one was perfect. It has the tiniest amount of stickiness to its texture which is why this does so well as it creates a great base. Overall, I am definitely going to be repurchasing this as I have been really happy with how it looks and feels, and how it combines with my foundation. I use my fingers to apply the primer, and then blend my foundation in with my beautyblender.

As always I think it important to discuss the price. I would definitely consider this a high end product, as it is £27 for 38g. This has surprisingly lasted me a long time as I only use two small droplets for my entire face; therefore a little goes a long way. If a product works well for me it is something I am willing to invest in.



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