Wednesday 20 November 2013

Christmas Markets

I always say my favourite time of the year is summer it's my birthday, it's sunny, holiday and festival season. Just love it! However, I know this is cheating but I equally love Christmas.

The markets in Manchester are something of a tradition back home. Every year the German markets arrive and line streets and streets with stalls. They mostly sell food and drink but there's also gifts stalls. There's over 300 stalls and it you can spend an entire afternoon just looking round.

First stop was a hot chocolate with cream soo yummy! 

This giant Santa sits in the centre of the city. 

A traditional wooden windmill on top of a stall...

There's beer houses everywhere.. 

The stalls are so much fun and the gift stalls sell jewellery, clothes, crafts, traditional toys and there's quite a few soap and bath stalls which always interest me. I picked up a few bits which I might review over the next week. 

I had such a lovely time and people travel for miles to come but there's so much to look at. The food is always amazing me and my sister always get the miniature pancakes which are so nice. We also got a chocolate covered marshmallow skewer which are also devine. There's so much food to choose from you just don't know where to begin. You think you have found something you fancy then you spot somewhere else that's also smelling amazing! You just want everything! 

I'm definitely feeling festive now I know its early but it's gotta be done! My mum bought me a wooden Christmas tree for my uni room which I'm not allowed to out up until the 1st December! Only 2 weeks to go ! 


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