Wednesday 20 November 2013

Makeover of the Blog

You may have noticed after my nightmare with blogger yesterday, that I some how managed to fix it by changing it up and making the blog a lot more colourful. I got so excited with all the templates that are available and all the different options that I spent nearly an hour deciding what I wanted the blog to look like and I am very happy with the outcome.

There is so many options that you can do regarding colours, font size, font type, backgrounds and pictures. You can pretty much have it however you want it, I love this as its a personal blog you want it to reflect you and how you envisage you blog to be.

I love the new layout of the blog and I now don't have my battle with the words on different lines which was literally making me scream yesterday. It automatically applies all your settings when its post so no fiddling around every time you produce a new post. It gives consistency to your blog - you can probably tell I am excited! I went with a purple and pink theme as this reflects my favourite colours and being very girly.

You can now easily subscribe and follow me so you know when I've posted something new - there's a little tool down the right hand side that I've put in that says follow me, which I think is simple enough! And you can +1 my posts so you can pass them on to others if you want to and its all really easy to use.

So hands up to Blogger and I am now friends with you again!


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