Monday 9 December 2013

Christmas is Coming.... Christmas Cards

Now this year I wasn't really massive on sending Christmas cards but I think making your own can be really lovely and really get you in the festive mood. Buying some plain card from any stationery store will do but places like Hobbycraft will have everything you need to make you cards, so you could go there and get everything in one go making it a lot easier for you. I think if you have children they will love getting creative and people really appreciate homemade cards.

All you need is - card, scissors, glitter, stickers and coloured gel pens .... and anything else you fancy!

I usually make little basic designs of what I am going t do first, just so I have an idea before I start. It is really lovely because the people your making them for might have a particular interest in something so you can personalise them. I am not arty in the slightest I was never good at art at school but I don't think you have to be. You can create ideas which you think you can achieve and still come up with something which reflects how you interpret Christmas. There's so many things to you can put on them. If just sit and think about the words relating to Christmas you can easily come up with a list of 20 this can be a good starting point for ideas for the cards.

So all that's left to do is to start making them....
You can get really nice ideas from the internet especially places like Pintrest. This link has hundreds of card designs and ideas on it

They have an array of different styles of cards and they all look so complicated but reading the instructions there really quite simple. I really loved this one which is a snowglobe with glitter in it and then the snowman on top which is thought was really creative and festive.
I know you can go to card factory and buy cards for 29p and your not going to be able to make them that cheap but its not expensive to make your own and buying in bulk maybe 20 people really does make it a lot cheaper than making them for just one person. I think its worth spending a little bit more on something which you can feel proud of and the person receiving it appreciates.
Another thing which has become popular is creating cards with personalised pictures on places like and Vistaprint they are nice and they are special because they contain memorable pictures. But they can be quite expensive, usually around the £1.50-£2.00 mark which if your buying for a lot of people it can quickly add up.
So I hope you get creative this year and I think you will surprised with what you able to create.

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