Monday 9 December 2013

Christmas is Coming... Spoil Yourself

We are well and truly in the festive period with Christmas just 16 days away... I can not believe how fast December is flying by! We always have a massive build up to December and you think you have lots of time to get your preparations ready and then before you know it you've only got just over 2 weeks to finish everything.

So, I think why not treat yourself to something. I've been ordering a few presents online this year for my family and it can get stressful when you can't find what your looking for. Signing up to the email subscription list can be lethal though, when you wake up and you get an email and it has an amazing offer on. Well this happened to me on Thursday at the top of my list was a Topshop email in the subheading it stated 30% off partywear plus free delivery. I think this is a really good offer for Topshop as usually its just like 10% off or free delivery. So I starting browsing through thinking about the Christmas night out with my uni friends and then when I am home for Christmas there will definitely be a few nice meals out as well as nights out. I came across a really lovely jumpsuit, I had seen a plain black one in Topshop but it was £45 which I thought was a little excessive for a product with no detail or design. I spotted this lovely mono floral patterned jumpsuit which was black and white and caught my eye straight away. You know in Confessions of a Shopaholic where she spots the green scarf I felt like that moment! The jumpsuit should of been £55 it was then £40 with the discount and I then got another 10% student discount off so it was £36. I don't think its particularly 'cheap' but its really lovely, and I know I will be able to wear it a lot and because its full length I wont get to chilly on my nights out. Its due to come into the store tomorrow, but I got an email saying its been dispatched today so hopefully it comes in today so I can collect it before work tonight.

The purpose of this post is to treat yourself to something which you've either wanted for ages or spontaneously spotted something which you have set your heart on. Christmas can stressful trying to organise everything whilst still carrying on with normal daily life. Buying something for yourself whether it being something simple like a piece of makeup that you've wanted for ages, or even DVD which you know will relieve your stresses if you sit down and watch it is the perfect thing for you to do. It doesn't have to be particularly expensive just something that will put a little smile on your face. Trust me I've had a very busy long two weeks and knowing I've going to collect something which will make me feel happy is such a excellent feeling.

Its a Monday morning which is always dreary knowone loves Monday's, so go spoil yourself a little and your Monday will instantly feel like a Friday.


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