Wednesday 30 April 2014

Maxfactor Clump Defy Mascara - 50 Years of Superdrug Exclusive

My favourite EVER mascara has had a revamp of its packaging to celebrate 50 years of Superdrug. I recently had a little incident involving my fave mascara and my morning weetabix...

Yes... My mascara ward fell into my breakfast, even though I cleaned it its not been quite the same, and it was on it lasts legs thank god. So I took a little trip to Superdrug as I had seen advertised this limited edition design and thought it looked rather cute and girly. The mascara is usually £10.99 and on the promotion it was £7.99 which was a very pleasant surprise. I have gone on lots and lots about this mascara, as it is by one of my top holy grail products. It just gives such good definition to your eyelashes and never has another mascara separated and as it states defies all clumps in any form. It also gives good volume and length and it is black which makes your eyelashes stand out, I find with only a few coats I have achieved the look I want. I just love, love, love it and I am yet to find a mascara better than this.

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