Wednesday 14 May 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection

I have been meaning to do a review on this foundation forever, the culprit is Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. Simply because it is one of the best drugstore foundations out there on the beauty market. I am on my second bottle which means that it differently is doing the job for me if I am to repurchase straight away. There has been many blog reviews on this since the launch and I was intrigued to try it out for myself. One thing which I really love is the wide colour match selection within this line, being fair and pale I usually find it quite difficult to find the perfect match. But within this line there is a really good selection of colours for the paler skinned people, and you can match your correct undertone which is really useful. I have been wanting to try the Loreal True Match, but this has been doing the job so well I haven't felt a need to spend that little bit more in case it is not as good.

I first bought the colour 101 Classic Ivory and I found that it was a really good match to my skin. When I went to buy my second bottle I made a little error and bought the darker shade in the ivory collection which is 103 True Ivory. The Boots which I bought my second bottle from was a tiny one and they did not have the same colour range, so presumed I had picked up the right one until I got home and realised. Although, I find that there is barely any difference in the colours, it is the tiniest bit darker but with a good blending in the colour still matches my skin tone very well.

The coverage of this little beauty is medium, maybe even high when a good amount is applied. It covers imperfections well and really gives a nice glow to the face. An added bonus is the SPF18 which will give your skin the protection it needs on those brighter days. I love how blendable the consistency is, and it definitely does not give that cakey look that I find some higher coverage foundations do. It does not actually state its lasting power, but I put this to the test on a 13 hour shift. By by the time I got home it obviously did not look as good as when first applied, but I found it still gave my coverage but some had sunken in as my imperfections were peeping through. However I am yet to find a foundation which after 15 hours of wear actually still looks flawless. On days when I am just wearing it throughout the day I do find that my makeup still looks fresh and bright a good few hours later. This costs just £6.99 and is an absolute steal, I recommend this to almost everyone and I think it is great for this time of the year as it is glowing and dewy. I have tried many, in fact all of the Rimmel foundations over the years when they have been released, and I have always been happy with the outcome of them. I think this is by far the best one which Rimmel has brought out. I was a big fan of the Wake Me Up foundation, but it was a little too light in terms of the coverage but it still has a lovely consistency. I also have the Stay Matte foundation, but I am not a major fan of the formula, I much prefer a liquid fluid, although that did still look fresh when applied. All, in all a really lovely product.


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