Friday 8 August 2014

My Tanning Routine

I have seriously got into a tanning routine this summer and I have been using both instant and gradual. I usually shave, exfoliate and moisturise the night before I am planning on applying my tan which I usually do in the morning. I find this really prepares your body in the best way and creates a perfect basis for your tan to be applied too. I shave using the Gilette Venus and Olay Razor, as it has moisture bars attached to it, leaving the skin soft whilst showering. No matter which product I use, this years must have is my Rimmel Pre-Tan Exfoliator which featured in my June Favourites post. At just £3.99 this is an absolute steal, it has a gritty texture meaning it does the exfoliating job perfectly which is just what you need before applying your tan. Then I finish up using my Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry to moisturise and leaves the skin silky smooth.

Instant tanning is great for those last minute occasions when you want to add a splash of colour to yourselves and you literally have 5 minutes to do it and for it to dry. If you don't have time for any of the pre tanning routine, I have found that my instant tan still picks up the colour great on your body so do not panic! I think if you are a beginner in tanning to definitely start with instant as it is definitely the easiest option. My favourite instant tan product also comes from Rimmel and it is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Light Matte. I did a post back in April on this product and I am still as obsessed as I was with my first impressions of it then. I have been using it on a regular basis especially on those days when the sun instantly appears and your unaware, and also on unexpected plans like having dinner at a swanky restaurant or a dressy night out. At just £6.99 it is definitely one of the most budget friendly tans on the market at the moment.

The more complex tanning option is the gradual tan. Xen Tan Ultra Dark Absolute Luxe has been my choice for this summer season. I only discovered this back in June, the downside to instant tanning is having to keep on top of the applications, and I wanted to see if I could find a gradual tan which lasts longer and makes my life q little easier! Well I am still working hard to achieve the perfect tan as I find it harder to apply as you can not see where you have applied the tan as the colour develops over a number of hours. However I have found that applying in long, circular motions seems to be my best bet. The Xen Tan even though it states its dark its not, I am a naturally pale and this is creates a nice, natural looking tan which when applied well looks great on. I find it does last a good couple of days which is exactly what I was wanting, but I am definitely in needs of brushing up and practicing my application skills.


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