Wednesday 13 August 2014

Tiger Haul

I have seen a few Tiger hauls doing the rounds on peoples blogs, and was intrigued to see what the fuss was about. Whilst on holiday in Palma there was a huge store, I dragged the family inside and everyone instantly fell in love. It was a kind of a first discovery moment, like going to Ikea for the very first time. Everything was so cheap, literally either 1 or 2 euros, it is a big shop sellling all sorts of things including stationary and household bits. I spent 10 euro and got the entire content of the photos, it was stationary heaven.  It had those little bits and bobs that have cute, pretty prints which make you smile and you know you will get excited to use it. It is definitely one of those places where you can go wild and end up buying anything and everything, but I tried to restrain myself from going too overboard! There is a few located in England, everyone mentions the London one but I think it is slightly pricier compared to the stores in other locations in Europe.



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