Thursday 21 May 2015

Lush Ultrabland and Eau Roma Water

Having this time of uni is not have a great effect on my bank balance, as all I seem to be doing is spending money which I really don't have. I took a little trip to Lush with the plan of picking up a facial mask and a hair mask.

It was great going into a store midweek which was not overly busy, and being able to have a real browse of all of the products. I have previously only bought bath bombs from the brand, as I had been unsure as to what the best products are. The lovely lady helped me massively when I described that I wanted a deep cleansing facial product. She pointed me in the direction of the Ultrabland cleaner, she also showed me the 9-5 cleanser but explained that was more of a lighter everyday product which is not as deep cleansing as the Ultrabland. Before I went into the shop I had some kind of roundabout budget in my head as to what I wanted to spend. I was unsure as to the type of prices which they priced their products at, as I had never previously taken an interest. I was shocked at the range of the prices across the different products. The Ultrabland was £7.25 for 45g which I think is a rather small amount of product so I'm hoping it works wonders! This was the price for many products however there was some particular facial products that were around the £30 mark which I was really surprised at. I didn't think the brand aimed itself as a high end luxury on comparison with the likes of the prices in Space:NK. The lady also recommended the Eau Roma Water toner as it is for more drier skin types, which is what mine is. She explained to use this after the cleanser on a cotton pad to refresh the skin and add moisture back into the skin. She also said that this can be used on its own just for when your skin needs a little refresher throughout the day. I picked up the smaller 100g option which was a reasonable £4.25.

I didn't quite make it to the hair care section as I got carried away and lost track of time, but I will take another little trip into the store again next time I am there. I also spotted some new bath products which looked very intriguing! I am excited at the prospect of trying these two skincare pieces from the brand as it is something brand new to me. If they are a hit they will be featured in a favourites post at some point in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Is there any Lush products which you would recommend for me to try?


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