Sunday 24 May 2015

Holiday Primark Haul

I finally took the plunge and started my holiday shopping - how exciting! My mum's rule in Primark is you buy it when you see it, which is so true as the next time you go everything's been moved round and replenished and you will never find it again.

I am lucky enough to be heading on two holidays abroad this summer - one to Lanzarote with my friends and one to Italy with my family. Therefore, I was in need of some summer additions to add to my wardrobe, and I was glad to see that Primark had all of their summer range now in store. The total of everything which I bought came to £38 which I thought was excellent value and you would pay that in Topshop for one item.

From left to right - playsuit - £5, pink vest top - £5, sandals - £8, earrings - £1, yellow shorts - £3, butterfly shorts - £4, headbands £3 each and the white tee - £6.

If you are looking for any summer pieces to add to your wardrobe or if your needing some holiday basics, Primark has definitely done well this year. Sometimes I find the huge stores such as Manchester a little overwhelming as there is so much stock, across a tiny amount of space, on many different floors. I think when you go to Primark, you have to go with a clear mind and vision of what you actually need. Otherwise you can just end up picking up things for the sake of it, just because 'its cheap'. I am very happy with everything that I bought and it will all be coming with me on both holidays. Hopefully if the UK gets a little bit of sun it might get some other wear, usually once a year but we never know!

Have you picked any summer essentials up yet?



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