Sunday 7 June 2015

Rocking The Dungarees

I have been wanting a pair of dungarees for ages, and I have to say finding my perfect pair has not been an easy process! As I am only 5ft tall I often struggle to find a pair of jeans/trousers to fit, and usually rely on the petite department. But it seems that this season dungarees has not been featured within many petite departments, as I have literally spent hours searching online and in store with no luck. It seems to be the short dungarees which is featured in all the shops which makes sense seeing as it is June and the summer. The British weather however has not been representing the season and I think it would be too cold to wear them within this country, as well as me not been a massive fan of getting my pale legs out, so therefore opted for the full length ones.

Topshop was the only store who had a petite pair called the Moto Black Denim Dungarees and they were really lovely and I had my heart set on on buying them. The only downfall was that they had a hefty price tag of £48 attached to them, which for a soon to be unemployed student is pretty expensive. I never go in Matalan as it is just not a shop which I ever seem to find anything which suits me or what I like to wear. My mum wanted to have a look at their swimwear so I stumbled over to the denim department, where there was one pair of denim dungarees standing lonely on a rail. I had seen them online but I thought they would be far too long but I tried them on they were literally the perfect length. They had two roll ups in them already and I have left them that way as the touch just about my ankle. The fit is great and a nice light denim colour which is great for the brighter weather (if it ever arrives!). They cost £25, but there was a 25% promotion of the Falmer brand within the store over the weekend so they cost me £18.75 which I was truly thrilled about. I wore them the day after I bought them and they are so comfortable. I think they will become a staple within my wardrobe as they are just so easy to wear and they have great versatility. I can not find them on the website unfortunately for some unknown reason, but they are definitely still available in stores.

This is my first ever fashion post containing me wearing my clothes, I was very nervous to post this for everyone for read. Hopefully if it goes down well I will be featuring more fashion type posts. as I love fashion and I love reading other bloggers fashion posts.



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