Sunday 12 June 2016

Colourpop Lip Product Haul

(Top to bottom - Magic Wand, Cozy, Littlestitious, Poppin' and Cami)

After loving so much of my last Colourpop haul which you can read here. I decided to make another one, it just so happens that I had lots of saved products to my basket when I received an email saying it was 20% everything for the weekend. The products are very cheap anyway but this justified me placing the order. Last time I ordered from the company I got hit with a customs fee, as the order was over £15. Therefore, this time I placed £15 ($21) worth of products in my basket to save me being hit with a charge, and it worked! There was so many different products which I wanted to pick up, but what really drew me in was the new shades to their different lipstick lines.

From my last haul I really liked the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, and there was some amazing new colours which had just launched. I picked up three shades Magic Wand, Cozy and Littlestitious. I have also heard great thing about their Lippie Stix so I took the plunge and ordered two in the shades Cami and Poppin'.  These dry to a matte finish which I was excited about trying as I have steered clear of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks as I have heard that these are really drying and can become uncomfortable when wearing.

 Littlestitious is a light dusty pink pastel, I bought this for everyday wear as I hadn't bought any from the line which was an everyday pink shade. I thought this would be great for me to wear during the day to add a little colour to my lips. This is actually the only one which I am not sure on first impressions whether I like it or not. This is definitely going to take a little bit of playing around with, as I feel like it as it is such a light nude it washes me out. I will have to work my magic and see what I can do. I bought Magic Wand which is a true nude for the same reason. I was torn between this and Echo Park in my first order and instantly regretted not picking it up so this was a must have when placing this order. It is a darker nude, which I like as it doesn't blend into your lips and makes them non-existent. It adds some definition and volume to my lips. I recently wore this on a night out and I wasn't sure whether it suited me or not but I actually loved it at the end of night, and I don't own anything like this. I don't actually remember ordering Cozy! I had to double check my email when it arrived to check it wasn't mistake. I have quite a few bright liquid lipstick shades but I do not have anything liked this, so this was a pleasant surprise. It is a cool orange toned red, which will definitely get lots of use this summer just like my Sephora Lip Cream in Mandarin Muse did last year. When I first put it on I instantly thought that it suited my colourings really well, as I think that some bright reds can be too overwhelming on me.

Since shipping American brands to the UK has got so much easier, I have seen so many beauty bloggers doing Colourpop hauls which is great as I get to have a nosy at what they have been buying, and most importantly their favourites formulas and shades. I use the service Shipto as it is super easy and you can find all the details out here. I had seen Kathleen Lights wearing this Matte Lippie Stix in Cami and instantly thought it was a beautiful shade. It is neutral toned mauve pink, but it definitely falls into those lovely purple toned shades which are on trend at the moment. The other shade which I picked up was Poppin'. This is a florescent bright rosy pink which will look beautiful during the summer. I imagine wearing this was a simple rose golden eye, and a dusting of pink blush.

I was really intrigued to test out the formula of these and see what they are like. I tested out Cami first on an evening when I was meeting some friends for dinner. I was surprised at just how creamy the formula was, they are super soft and glide on like a dream. I instantly thought the creamy formula is similar to MAC lipsticks, and for that reason is why I love them. Cami looks a lot more purple toned on me than it initially looked. I instantly really liked it though, whilst out I was putting it to the test and these are transfer proof on to glasses but all colourpop lip products are. Poppin' is a lot brighter and darker than I thought it would be and it is definitely a rose pink. It is going to perfect for summer, and can't wait to wear it out. The formulas seem to be consistent throughout the line as this is just as creamy as Cami. I found these super easy to apply and the nib is the ideal shape for my lips. They do transfer and I found that I had a tiny bit of smudging but it was nothing major and was easy to reapply.


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