Friday 31 March 2017

Tips for a sample sale

I went to my first ever fashion sample sale by Missguided recently, and I thought I would give you the down low on how it went and my tips as to how to get the best out of the experience.

1. Do a lot of research. Dig a little deeper into the details so you know where and when, and also how much they are selling things for so you can kind of set a budget.

2. Look in your wardrobe before you go to see if there is anything which you particularly need, just so you have some ideas in your mind before you go.

3. If you can take a friend - do. This is easier said than done as this was on a Wednesday and all of my friends work in 9-5 Monday - Friday jobs so I went alone. I was actually scared to go alone, but there was so many other girls there on their own once I got there. I just think taking a friend will help you make more clear decision and will give an honest opinion. Although on the contrary, a friend could possibly encourage you to spend and buy more than you need as you are caught up in the excitement.

4. Get there for when it starts. I had every intention for getting there on time, however I got a little bit lost and ended up 30 mins late and was so annoyed at myself when I saw some of the other amazing pieces which other people already had in their hands.

5.  Have cash. From what I believe most sample sales will only take cash due the easiness of transactions, and also the one which I went to was donating all the money to charity. I took more than I needed as I didn't know how much I wanted to spend and I didn't want to be in the predicament of not having enough.

6. Once you have arrived there have a good rummage and look on all the rails. Pick up everything which you think you might like. Look on every rail and every table. It's going to be messy but there might be that one gem hiding underneath another item.

7. If you can try it on. Obviously as it is a sample sale nothing has sizes on. Tops and jumpers you can judge by just holding each item up, but dresses and jeans I really suggest you do try on even you pull them on over the top of your own clothes. At this point, it is probably good to add in to wear something appropriate. I wore a thick jumper which was not ideal at all. There was security guard who was saying we were not suppose to try on, but as long as they can see that you are not robbing anything then I don't see the problem. I am so glad I tried my chosen items on as some of the things I thought would fit just from looking at it did not. This is where having a friend to giving an opinion would help. There was no mirrors and I saw lots of people taking photos of each other so they could see exactly what each item looked like on.

8. I would then suggest having a second look around now that you have your selected items that you love. I found a few more must have pieces by going in for a second rummage and don't be frightened to get in there.

9.  I would then look at all things you are wanting to buy and make sure they will fit with things in your wardrobe, or you have an occasion to wear them. It is so easy just like in Primark to get sucked in and think it's only £5, but it adds up quickly and you don't want items to be sitting in your drawer gathering dust and it to end up in a charity bag the next time you do a clear out. Also, I suggest it this point you check out the garments for imperfections - holes, makeup stains, stitching errors.

10. Once you are sure that have all the items which you have (hopefully you've found some bargains!) head to the till. At this point I wouldn't suggest picking up or looking at anything else whilst you are waiting as you may make some misjudged decision and end up picking up on the whim. If this does happen I suggest trying on and make sure you actually want it.

I came away with 4 items a playsuit, skirt, shorts and a dress. When I tried the dress on at home I actually hated it, it fits but the style does not suit me at all. I do however love all of my other items. I hope you have found this post helpful, and please share any other tips which you may have.



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