Wednesday 5 July 2017

Zoeva Palettes

I was so lucky that within one month I won two blogger competitions both being Zoeva palettes.

I had been wanting to try products from Zoeva for ages, but never quite took the plunge to buy anything. This was mainly due to not being quite sure what we the best pieces from the brand. I had heard a lot of good reviews about their palettes, meaning I was super excited that I had not one, but two to put to the test. 

The first is the Cocoa Blend palette which when I opened, my eye literally lit up as the shades are all right up my alley. I love a good shimmery shade and this contains five, with 5 matte shades complementing them beautifully. I have to say I love the shade warm notes as it is a stunning dark rose shimmer (top middle) which looks gorgeous on the eye. I tend to use this on its own as I don't think it needs anything else with it. In the matte shades I have found myself reaching for substitute for love (bottom second) and freshly toasted (bottom middle) as they are both brown toned shades. Freshly toasted reminds me of  Makeup Geek's cocoa bear, as it is such a useful shade to have as you can blend it with so many other shades. I think Zoeva have done brilliantly with this palette, and there is a really great variety in shades. However, I don't think there is a need for a shimmer black and matte black. I would have liked them to have added in a deeper, dark chocolate brown.

The second palette is their matte palette. The stand out shades are cheap bar (top 4th), which is a burnt orange toned brown which I have been loving using. This looks beautiful blended into the crease, the works really well with both urban culture and eeirly empty (bottom and top 2nd) which are both lighter toned browns. The bright orange shade through the window is gorgeous, and it adds some real vibrancy to the palette. This shade in particular has great pigmentation and is a stand out shade. I think this palette would benefit from having a pink toned shade, rather than having both a white - highthawks (top 1st) and a cream - across the street (bottom 1st). I have enjoyed having an all matte palette within my collection, and it has allowed me to be a little more versatile as I a bit of a magpie when it comes glittery shades.

Overall, the pigmentation in all of the shades in both of the palettes are good. I have not come across any particular dud shades, which have been patchy or uneven. But, some of the lighter matte shades, when I have swatched them I would have liked them to have a been a more pigmented as you need two or three applications to get the colour to really shine through. However, for £18 these palettes are brilliant value, and I will definitely be purchasing from Zoeva again.


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